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Brazil Travel: Prepare for Your Trip to Brazil

Ready to begin planning your trip to Brazil? You’ve come to the right place.

José Carlos Ribeiro: An Introduction to Spiritist Therapy in Brazil

An excerpt from the book Spirits with Scalpels: The Cultural Biology of Religious Healing in Brazil by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee anthropologist Sidney M. Greenfield

Cosmetic Travel: Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Women from the United States, Europe and other rich countries with high medical costs are flocking to have their tummy tucks and liposuctions done for less in places like Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina. In response, a nascent cottage industry of travel companies is beginning to specialize in what is sometimes called “lipotourism.” Brazil stands out from much of the cut-rate Third World crowd because it can keep a straight face as it offers First World quality.

Apartment in Rio de Janeiro: Finding a Rental in Rio

Real estate in Rio is not so different from anywhere else - it's about location, location, location. As a gringo coming to teach at UniRio, the federal university in the neighborhood of Urca (5 minutes walk from the base station for the Sugarloaf cable car), I wanted to find a place that was convenient (not too far by foot or bus), reasonably safe (didn't want to get mugged, or take a stray bullet), and didn't bust my budget (my salary being generous, but not absurdly so).

Brazilian Air Safety: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane (and that’s the problem)

In peace-loving Brazil, the environment outranks terrorism as a security threat at the country’s airports. Open air dumps nourish expanding populations of vultures, and many of these birds venture into flight patterns. The number of reported collisions between airplanes and birds in Brazil has more than doubled in a decade.

Getting to and Arrival in Brazil

Visas, Passport Check and Customs

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Arrival at the Airport (Agência Brasil)

Getting to and Arrival in Brazil

Visas, Passport Check and Customs

Plan Your Trip to Brazil

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Long-Term Brazil

Getting a Permanent Visa in Brazil

by Robert Eugene DiPaolo

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