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Food and Drink

Oficina do Sabor: Brazilian Regional Contemporary Cuisine in Olinda, Pernambuco

The Northeastern dishes at the Oficina de Sabor are hardly traditional in the true sense of the word. But the only thing Chef César Santos has borrowed from abroad is the French concept of cooking with local ingredients.

São Paulo Restaurants

São Paulo is a world class city for dining. Here are some of our restaurant picks.

Manioc: From Indigenous Staple to Brazilian “French Fries”

Manioc is Brazil's answer to French fries. The tuber, also known as cassava root, was the main staple of the Brazilian natives at the time of discovery and has become an important food in all of Brazil. It is presented in several versions: as paçoca, carimã, mingau, beiju, farinha de mandioca and tucupi. Here in this excerpt from the culinary guidebook Eat Smart in Brazil is a little of the history behind manioc and some recipes, so you can also taste this delicacy.

Brazil National Dish: Feijoada Recipe and Restaurants

According to legend, and some historians, feijoada was concocted by Brazilian slaves who transformed scraps from the Big House into a slave-quarter delicacy. Citing sundry scholarly sources, the owners of Bolinha, a São Paulo restaurant nationally famous for its feijoada, argue that the black bean stew is instead a Brazilian variation of European fare like the French “cassoulet” and the Portuguese “caldeirada.” Whatever its origin, feijoada stands as an important symbol of Brazilian heritage.

Kosher Feijoada

The pleasant smell drifted not Heavenward but into the O Shil Beit Chabad Itaim Synagogue. It distracted the faithful from their Friday prayers. Next door the Bolinha restaurant was gearing up for its usual barrage of patrons on Saturday, when Brazilians traditionally partake of their national dish – a black bean stew called feijoada. To add insult to temptation, the recipe for feijoada includes pork chops, pork trotters, pork tails, pork ears, pork sausage and bacon.

Caipirinha Recipe and Batida Recipe

Prize-winning bartender Angel Ojea has published a book entitled The Cocktail and Its Art. Check out Ojea’s recipes for a couple of Brazilian drinks – the caipirinha and the batida.

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Acarajé (Marcello Casal Jr./Ag. Brasil)

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Eat Smart in Northern Brazil

by Joan and David Peterson

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by John Freivalds

Rio de Janeiro

Metaphors from the Brazilian Kitchen

by Tom Moore

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