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Hering Harmonicas: Building a Better Harmonica in Brazil

The production end of the Hering Harmonicas has changed surprisingly little since Alredo Hering founded the business in 1923 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina. The close work that turns a pile of parts into a resonating marvel is still done by practiced hands trained through rigorous apprenticeship. But the marketing end of the business has changed dramatically – using the Internet to reach a geographically diverse niche group of sophisticated customers.

How Brazil Became the Saudi Arabia of Orange Juice

The orange juice business in Brazil is a big sophisticated trading operation today which involves tankers ships, arbitrage, currency fluctuation, and Brazilian investments in the US-Brazil trade negotiations. The world’s capital of citrus processing is Araraquara in São Paulo state. One enthusiastic frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) trader once told me “Brazil is the Saudi Arabia of orange juice.” Another pundit said Brazil is the “Wal-mart of agriculture”.

Cosmetic Travel: Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Women from the United States, Europe and other rich countries with high medical costs are flocking to have their tummy tucks and liposuctions done for less in places like Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina. In response, a nascent cottage industry of travel companies is beginning to specialize in what is sometimes called “lipotourism.” Brazil stands out from much of the cut-rate Third World crowd because it can keep a straight face as it offers First World quality.

Brazilian Sex Workers Don’t Mourn, They Organize

Sex workers around Brazil are organizing to defend their civil and human rights and advocate the full recognition of prostitution, which is not illegal in Brazil, as a profession under labor and social security laws. Public health officials praise their contributions to Brazil’s internationally acclaimed campaign for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Brazil Stock Market Tourism: BM&FBOVESPA Through 3-D Glasses

Investors are sometimes accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. But it was a pair of 3-D ones that the attendant handed me as I entered the São Paulo Stock Exchange.

Brazil Bus Travel Company Fights Illegal Animal Traffic

The Itapemirim Group, a leading Brazilian interurban bus company, has launched an unprecedented campaign to educate its employees and passengers about the widespread illegal traffic in wildlife poached from the country’s forests and rural areas. The new effort augments preexisting anti-traffic efforts spearheaded by the Brasília-based non-profit National Network to Fight the Trafficking of Wild Animals (RENCTAS). Citizens, especially travelers, can help by using the RENCTAS online hotline to report suspicious activity.

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