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published on January 10, 2010

Brazil Destinations: Popular Places in Brazil

Foz de Iguaçu Municipal Tourism Secretariat
Itaipu Dam
By clicking on the regional link beside your desired destination, you will be led to the section with information about that and nearby attractions.

Brazilian Cities

Angra dos Reis - Southcentral
Belém - Amazon
Belo Horizonte - Southcentral
Bonito - Pantanal and Central
Brasília - Pantanal and Central
Brotas - Southcentral
Búzios - Southcentral
Campo Grande - Pantanal and Central
Cuiabá - Pantanal and Central
Curitiba - South
Fernando de Noronha - Northeast
Florianópolis - South
Fortaleza - Northeast
Foz do Iguaçu - South
João Pessoa - Northeast
Maceió - Northeast
Manaus - Amazon
Natal - Northeast
Niterói - Southcentral
Olinda - Northeast
Ouro Preto - Southcentral
Paraty - Southcentral
Petrópolis - Southcentral
Porto Alegre - South
Recife - Northeast
Rio de Janeiro
Salvador - Northeast
São Paulo - Southcentral
São Luís - Northeast

Brazilian States

Acre - Amazon
Alagoas - Northeast
Amapá - Amazon
Amazonas - Amazon
Bahia - Northeast
Ceará - Northeast
Distrito Federal (Brasília) - Pantanal and Central
Espírito Santo - Southcentral
Goiás - Pantanal and Central
Maranhão - Amazon and Northeast
Mato Grosso - Amazon and Pantanal and Central
Mato Grosso do Sul - Pantanal and Central
Minas Gerais - Southcentral
Pará - Amazon
Paraíba - Northeast
Paraná - South
Pernambuco - Northeast
Piauí - Northeast
Rio de Janeiro - Southcentral
Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast
Rio Grande do Sul - South
Rondônia - Amazon
Roraima - Amazon
Santa Catarina - South
São Paulo - Southcentral
Sergipe - Northeast
Tocantins - Amazon

Special Brazilian Attractions

Abrolhos - Northeast
Amazon Rainforest - Amazon
Atlantic Rainforest - Rainforests
Chapada Diamantina - Northeast
Chapada dos Guimarães - Pantanal and Central
Chapada dos Veadeiros - Pantanal and Central
Emas National Park - Pantanal and Central
Estrada Real - Southcentral
Iguaçu Falls - South
Itatiaia - Southcentral
Lençóis Maranhenes - Northeast
Mamirauá - Amazon
Pantanal - Pantanal and Central
Praia do Rosa - South
Serra Gaúcha - South

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